the best video games of 2017

The end of 2017 getting near. Before it changes to a new year. We would like to present you the best video games of 2017. We are sure you curious which one is the best. Here, we pick up the game based on our opinion, so if you have a different thought, we are sorry about that.

Zelda Breath of the Wild

the legend of zelda breath of the wild

This is the most amazing Zelda game ever created. This one combination of GTA and Minecraft game. You can explore the huge map without any limitation. Collect resources and build something to strengthen your character. The first successful Nintendo Switch game. If you have that console, be sure to try this game. You will not regret to play this awesome game. Last but not least, the graphics of the game really superb!

Persona 5

persona 5

For a console gamer, they must know about this popular game. This turn-based RPG really interesting and make all the fans do not regret to play this one again and again. What makes this game awesome are the unique storyline and the gameplay. In this game, you will become a phantom thief who saves people from a shadow, a dark monster who eat people soul. You and the rest of the gang must save Shibuya from the crisis. The music in this game still amazing as ever.

Resident Evil 7

resident evil 7

We cannot forget this game easily. We can say for sure Resident Evil 6 is really not that great. But, Capcom released the newest RE. And the result is really satisfying. In the newest installment, you will not fight against many zombies like FPS game. You will see a true horror game. We recommend you play it uses a VR to enhance the gaming experience. Feel the true horror of RE like the classic game!

Destiny 2

destiny 2

For players who already satisfied played Destiny game back then in 2014. We got the sequel you cannot miss. In this new sequel, you still use a high-tech weapon to destroy a robot and another creature through the game. The story is really amazing as always. The developer will expand the area. So, it will like an open world game. If you looking a for a great shooting game, this is one of the best in 2017.


There are still many great games out there. Feel free to give your comments below. Let us share the best game and discuss it. So, from the list above, which one is your favorite? As for us, we really like the Zelda game. Because it is a big evolution from the previous game.


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