digimon links guide

How is your progress in this game? Do you find your best Digimon yet? If the answer is not, we can help you with Digimon Links guide. Hopefully, it can help you to find the best one. Let us go to the main topic directly to see the amazing line-up.



This the best Digimon in term of attack power. The powerful special skill which can destroy the enemy and inflict piercing damage. Unfortunately, you cannot obtain this Digimon in the event mission or story mode. You can only get it by using the In-App-purchase and get the mega voucher. But, this Digimon is really worth your money if you want to. Even though the defense point not really great with its attack power can blast of all enemy completely.



We cannot forget this white knight. The DNA Digivolve between Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon. This is a balance type Digimon. All status is really high but it cannot match the attack power of Beelzemon. The Grey Sword really a good skill which attacks all enemies with high power. If you love PvP battle, you need to bring this Digimon to assist your team more powerful. In order to get this Digimon, you need to be ready to sacrifice many Digi stones in the summoning shop.



Although Seraphimon is not a powerful Mega Digimon, its special skill what makes we choose this Digimon to become the best. Strike of the Seven Stars indeed a fearsome skill which deals multiple hits to all enemies. You can imagine if you manage to deal 12 hits attack. If you want to build a strong team, we recommend you add this to your team. We are sure your team will become the most powerful one in the game. If you manage to get this, you are the luckiest person ever!



Why we choose this one even though we already have Omegamon? In term of defense power, Wargreymon is the best one in the game. If you encounter an enemy which has a high attack power, you can counter it with your defense. Wargreymon signature skill, Great Tornado can ignore enemy defense power. So, it does not matter it has high defense. You can deal a tremendous amount of damage.


Now, choose the ideal Digimon for your team. If you put the right one, you can become the best player quickly. What are you waiting for? Create the best team and show your best Digimon in the comment box below.


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