dangerous diseases in the world

Catch a cold already become a normal disease which every human ever feel. Also, it is very easy to cure. How about the dangerous one? Can you cure it on one or two days? The answer is impossible. While you feel healthy, you need to manage yourself. Keep yourself from dangerous and do not eat any random food. Here, we will give you the list of dangerous diseases in the world. Pay full attention about this.



The first dangerous disease on the list. This one occurs because of your brain artery leak. There is a way to identify you get this disease or not. The first reaction, you will feel numbness around your body. It does not specify which body parts. Furthermore, you will feel confused sometimes and trouble seeing something. If you cannot cure it, you will get permanent disability. Do not think this a light disease, This one really dangerous if you do not cure it immediately. That is why if you think something wrong with your body, go to the hospital to check up.

Lung Cancers

lung cancer

We are sure you know very well about this disease, the one who gets this will hard to breathe because his or her lung already infected with toxic. The causes because of smoking non-stop and pollution. For people who love to smoke, we recommend you decrease it. If we say you need to stop it will futile. Because it is really hard to stop after you already tried this. Also, it will hard for you to swallow a food. Your body will feel a little pain.



This one is a famous disease. Usually, most people get this disease while they doing a sex and they keep changing partner. Also, the men do not wear any protection. For your information, this disease cannot be cured yet. Most people who already have this disease died.

Diabetes Mellitus

diabetes mellitus

What makes this disease dangerous because it can stop the production of insulin inside your body. If your body does not have any insulin anymore, it is really easy for a virus to get inside. You can say insulin is a protection of your whole body. Thanks to Diabetes Mellitus, it will cease to function. The causes of this disease because of overweight, do not exercise regularly, and many more.


That is the dangerous diseases around the world. From now on, you need to keep your body healthy at all cost or you will regret for the rest of your life. If you want to know more details about it, you can ask us directly on the comment section below. We ready to help you anytime!


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