captain tsubasa dream team review

Do you have a smartphone? We are sure it is a dumb question. Everyone must have the device. If so, you must download a sports game entitled Captain Tsubasa Dream Team. You must know very well about this franchise. When we are kids, we loved to watch this show. Here, to nostalgic about the anime, you can play the game for free on the mobile device. We also provide you Captain Tsubasa Dream Team review. See the information about the game right away!


captain tsubasa dream team special move

If you think the gameplay of this game similar to PES (Pro Evolution Soccer), you are wrong guys. This one completely different. This one like a combination of RPG and board game. All players will run automatically if you want to pass the ball either you touch the specific player or the field. When the player face against enemy’s player, there is a command you must choose from dribble, pass, and shoot. If you choose the right one, you can pass through the opponent. There is also a special move to earn the goal easily. Like Tsubasa, he can use Drive Shoot and score a goal from afar. Also, each player has a limited stamina, so you need to choose your command wisely because its cost stamina. If the player runs out a stamina, they will become an easy target for the opponent.

Build Your Dream Team

In this game, you can create your own team. Mix and match all the Captain Tsubasa characters and create the powerful team. Unfortunately, you cannot freely choose the position of the characters. For example, if Wakabayashi (Goalkeeper) become a striker, you will get a status penalty for a compensation.

RPG System

You can level up your character like RPG game. Upgrade their status and stamina is really important. You need a training item to increase the character experience. And to get it, either you buy EXP packs or play the story mode.


captain tsubasa dream team special shoot

The graphics combine both 2D and 3D. When the character faces each other, the graphics will change into 3D. What we like the most from the graphics is when the character unleash their special move. The special effects are really something.


This is a simple RPG game yet addictive. You will feel the same after you play the game. For the score, we give it 7.7, for people who love Tsubasa and want to feel the greatest sensation again, this is the best one for you. Now, download it for free on the Play Store.


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