the best smartphone apps

In this era, a smartphone already becomes the must-have device for all people. It can help us on any occasion. Unlike a mobile phone from long ago which only have limited application, the smartphone is different from that. You can install man useful apps to help you in your daily activity. Here, we will give you the list of the best smartphone apps.

Dark Sky

dark sky

This is a good app if you want more about current weather or the next day. This one also gives you a warning sometimes. So, before you go out, you can use this app to know the weather. It can also predict the weather from next month or year. We know all smartphone right now already have a weather prediction in it. But, it is not accurate as this one.

Microsoft Outlook

microsoft outlook

For you who want to resume your work while you do not bring your PC. You can go to the  Play Store to download Microsoft Outlook. Just copy your file into the smartphone and you can resume your work outside with this app. The function is same as Microsoft Word in PC, so you do not need to worry. For your information, you can also open Excel and PowerPoint document in this app.

Google Photos

google photos

Well, this is suitable for the one who likes to take a photo with their smartphone. In order to keep safe your photos, this backup app called Google Photos is needed. You can also edit your photos with this and also create an album to organize your photo. For you who do not want to take off the Micro SD Card, you can just use this app to transfer your photo to another device. The useful application directly from Google. You do not need to doubt the originality.



Todoist or also known as to do lists is like a memo to remind you of something important. If you have an important activity today, you can use this app to remind it. Also, this one appear on your home screen. So, when you wake up in the morning and seeing your smartphone screen you will remember the event you must do today. Now, you can remember anything you want with this single app!


That is all the best app which you can install on your smartphone. Do not need to worry, the size is not really big. For you who have limited storage, you can also use the apps above. For people who still have a lot of question about this, feel free to write down their problem below. We will help you immediately.


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